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Life Group Questions for the Week of March 24, 2024

Mar 24, 2024 |

1. As you read Luke 19:28-44, what catches your attention from this scene when Jesus comes to into Jerusalem? What are some of the various emotions that people were experiencing?

2. Luke 19:28 begins, “After Jesus had said this,” referring to the Parable of the Ten Minas in verses 11-27. Why do you think Luke connects this preceding parable with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem?

3. Why do you think some people didn’t want Jesus to be king in Luke 19? In our own day and age, why do you think some people don’t want Jesus to be king in their own lives? (Consider John 1:11-12)

4. In Luke 19:39 the Pharisees refer to Jesus as “Teacher.” Why is it important for us to understand that Jesus is so much more than just a great teacher?

5. How do you think it might have felt, to be right in the middle of the crowd of disciples who were welcoming King Jesus into Jerusalem? (see Luke 19:37-38)

6. Why do you think Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem when He saw it? (verses 41-42) How might this teach us what we should weep over?

7. How do you think the events of Palm Sunday might help us to prepare for the rest of the events of Easter week?

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