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What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a small group of 8 to 12 adults who are committed to meeting regularly for the purpose of becoming deeply devoted followers of Jesus together. Life Groups are designed to be a place where people can learn together and can love one another.

How is a Life Group different from a Bible Study or a Sunday School class?

A Life Group is a place where deeper discipleship relationships can be formed. The smaller size and meeting venue are designed to foster a community of discipleship growth that may be more difficult to achieve in a classroom setting or in a large group study. Each week, the topic of discussion is based on the most recent Sunday sermon. Life Group questions are published in the weekly bulletin and are also available online.

Where and when do Life Groups meet?

Most groups will meet in someone’s home thanks to the hospitality of our Life Group Hosts. Life Groups often gather around a kitchen table or in a living room setting that provides a good space for fellowship, discussion, and prayer. Groups are encouraged to try and meet weekly if possible. Life Groups will meet from September through May, with breaks for holidays and other special occasions.

Who leads a Life Group?

While everyone in the group is encouraged to participate in the discussion, Life Group Leaders are equipped to lead the discussion and to help foster an environment of spiritual growth.

What does a typical Life Group gathering look like?

Life Groups should aim to meet for around 90 minutes. This allows enough time for gathering and visiting as a group, spending a good amount of time in the Scriptures, and having sufficient time for sharing life and a time of prayer. Often, groups will enjoy treats or a meal as a part of their gathering time. Each group is able to choose what works best for them.

What is expected of me as a member of a Life Group?

Life Group members should think in terms of belonging to a group rather than attending a group. Life happens and there will be times when individuals will have to miss a time or two when their group meets. However, inconsistent participation in a group will be an obstacle to both fostering relationships as well as discipleship growth. Life Group members should make a commitment to faithful participation.

What if someone new wants to join our Life Group?

Life Groups launch in September, but new people are encouraged to join a Life Group at any time. Click the Join a Life Group button at the top of the page to get connected with a group.

What do I do with my kids during Life Group? Is childcare available?

We do have a couple of Life Group options available for families with kids, however, not all of our groups are able to accommodate children or provide childcare for their group. Individuals may need to arrange their own childcare in order to participate in a Life Group.

How do I signup for a Life Group?

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