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Life Group Questions for the Week of March 31, 2024

Mar 31, 2024 |

1. What are some of your favorite Easter foods and traditions?  Have you ever attended a seder meal?

2. “Life in Jesus” can be defined as the rescue, joy, and direction we find through a relationship with God, both now and throughout eternity (see John 10:10b). What might you add to this definition?

3. As you read through Matthew 28:1-17, what grabs your attention?

4. Do you think it was easier for Jesus’ first disciples to believe in Him since they could see Him with their own eyes? Do you think it may have been challenging to continue believing once they couldn’t see Him? How have you navigated the challenge of believing in a God that you can’t see?

5. Read Matthew 27:62-66 and 28:11-15. What do you think of this plan to make up a story about the disciples stealing Jesus’ body? Do you think that people today make similar efforts to keep people from following Jesus?

6. Matthew 28:17 says that some of the eleven disciples doubted. How do you think we might explain their hesitation at this point in their relationship with Jesus?

7. What advice or encouragement might you give to a Christian, or a non-Christian, who is struggling with doubts about faith? (See Matthew 7:7-8)

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